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July 12th, 2017

As a Reminder Regarding Sump Pumps


Sump pumps connected to the sanitary sewer system are a problem for everyone.  Although homeowners that use sump pumps feel as though the small amount they discharge probably has no impact on sewer operations, they are mistaken.  If a home with a sump pump discharges approximately 1 gallon of water per minute for a day (many sump pumps can average 5 gallons per minute or more), the homeowner could add nearly 1,440 gallons of clean water to the sanitary sewer system in a twenty-four hour period.  Since each resident that pays the monthly rate for sewer service is allotted 180 gallons of water per day, this amounts to the equivalent discharge of 8 households.  This extra water results in more flow which in turn forces the pumping stations to run more often which causes wear and tear on the pumps and their control systems.

Not only does it affect the pumping stations.  It can also cause the sewer system to become surcharged, a condition where the amount of water passing through the line exceeds its design capacity.  This extra water has to go somewhere and, following the path of least resistance, it could easily back up into sewer laterals and possibly even flow back into residents’ homes.  In addition, this additional clean water is conveyed to the treatment plant which then has to handle and treat this increased flow.  Again, the treatment plant equipment is forced to work harder and longer, resulting in higher electric bills, maintenance costs and repair downtime as well as higher demands for treatment chemicals, resulting in a higher overall cost of operations.

This higher cost of operations is everyone’s concern. These increased costs are passed along to ALL the ratepayers in the sewer district in the form of higher monthly bills for their sewer treatment.  



March 7th, 2017


Mr. Joseph Sembrot Appointed to the Authority

The West Hanover Township Board of Supervisors unanimously appointed Mr. Joseph Sembrot to the Authority Board in the position of Assistant Secretary at their March meeting. We look forward to working with him in the coming months. Congratulations!



January 20, 2017


Residents of Houck Manor and Holiday Park will soon see surveyors in their area as we begin the sewer extension project scheduled for 2017. Below is a copy of the letter that is being sent out to those of you who will be impacted by the project. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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